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Hello, my name is Willie Woods

I have ventured through life always wondering why I am here.   I am now 61 years of age have a beautiful family.  My family incudes wife, 5 children and 17 grandchildren so my family is always growing and is full of love.

I work in the IT industry so we are not broke, but I plan to retire in the next 5 years and I want to buy some land in Texas and live out the rest of my life in comfort. But that not where it started.  I was born and raised in Texas.  I did my first 18 years in Texas then I join the United State Air Force.

In the Air Force, I spent time in basic training in San Antonio.  From there I spent month in training in Panama City Florida on the  F106 aircraft Then once I completed training I was shipped to Denver for more training so I started my career off visiting several states that I never had been to or would have never went to, Lol.

Anyway, after all that I ending up in Michigan the upper peninsula as my first assignment.  This is where I experienced beautiful summers and cold winters, it actually snowed in late April and early May so I went from hot to Freezing.  My wife and I started a video rental store M&W Video long before there was blockbuster so I always had the entrepreneur spirit.  This is where I learned how to be satisfied no matter where I was.   I spent 13 years there and then was given an assigned to turkey, on my way to turkey I wound up in Biloxi Mississippi for training on new Flight planning equipment.

Went to Turkey for a one-year assignment because I went by myself.  Therefore, at the break I that if I went and got my family I could stay for 3 years.  Therefore, I went and got my family on break and we took a hop all the way to turkey it was and experience but it was worth it.


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