YoU Have Been Replaced By A Robot

robot worker

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I was sitting thinking about all the jobs president Trump said he was going to create, and then I thought about all the jobs being lost and that will be lost.  You see we have a robot problem and they are slowly but surely creeping into being.  You see the one thing that I do is pay attention and I notices that it is moving faster than I ever thought.

For instance you go to most car manufactures and the assembly line is controlled by machines doing the work that it use to take a hundred people to do.  I look at the success of amazon and the back bone to their process is robots I would even say that the humans are what slows the process down.

Next I look at Uber and Lift and the car companies like Tesla and ford, GM and Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, BYD Motors, just to name a few are in the process of making drivers obsolete.  So if you drive for a living right now would be a good time to look for another career because yours is going away, and it may be sooner then you think.

Yesterday I went to Walmart and I notice the quickest way to get out of the store was through the 10 self-checkout stands.  It only took two people to monitor them so if you do the math that’s the loss of at least eight jobs, now you know Walmart has thousands of stores.  I went to Giant, and shopper, and Safeway and I noticed that they all have a fair share of robots to replace workers.

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The minimum wage may get up to fifteen dollars but you may never see it because they are in a rush to replace you, because they figure you cost too much.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not glad that it is happening but I laugh because you are the first one to use them, making it easy for them to take your jobs.  Maybe you should start protesting that because that is what’s going to have an effect on how you make a living.

The ATM is not your friend, they are job replacers, and they are going to get better and better and you’re not going to be needed.  The self-check at the airport, the ATM at the bank these are job stealers and they are replacing people, and the funny thing is that your in so much of a hurry that you can’t see they are getting better and better and soon they will replace your job.

I need you to take a serious look at your job, if a computer is involved in anyway then you will be replaced.  The reason I say that is because on computer can ran a hold store by itself all ready, you add the other robots that it can tell what to do and wah-la, your replaced.  Now I’m not tell you this to burden you I’m tell you this to enlighten you, thus give you the opportunity to get some training and find new work elsewhere.

They have computerized lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, cars, phones, buildings, restaurants; really pretty much anything that can be computerized.  They have computerize your appliances, they even have a computerize heart so you don’t have to believe if you don’t want to it’s your job on the line.

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