TrumpCare II is worse Then TrumpCare I Clean the Swamp

CC BY-SA by DonkeyHotey

The snakes are back at it, would you believe that the new Trumpcare plan allows the Republican’s to opt-out.  What is this and when will they learn, first they don’t want you to have any kind of healthcare if the truth be told they would rather you just go off somewhere and die.  But in America we are supposed to be bigger than that, but our elected welfare participates well they are beyond that.

They have arrived and the only thing in their agenda is changing laws so that they can profit.  But that’s not the worst of it, the worst of it is that they write themselves out of the health care law they keep their old social communist healthcare plan where the government pays for it, 100 % of it with your tax paying money.

You see you are dealing with the swamp and the only best interest they have is their own, you elected a president to clean the swamp and he will not do it.  So you have to do it with your vote.  Get rid of all of them.  They are not serving your best interest and they never will.  You see they go to the highest bidder and it isn’t you.

You do have enough money to buy a politician or an election, and until you do you not even in the game.  We have known that the game is rigged and now that big money is involved we know that positions are for sale.  These genius have it all figured out, they will never give you what you need they will just keep you close to it so that you will stay in line.

  • The new plan will allow the states to choose what is cover: They can choose to cover everything they can choose to cover nothing, they can choose to cover man’s things they can choose to cover women’s things
  • The new plan will allow the states to waive aspects of the community rating: Under Obamacare, everyone was in the pool so the insurance company charged according to the group, now they will be able to charge anybody anything they want.  How is that for increasing the bottom-line?  You will pay more and get less and it will be cheaper for some more expensive for others but not better.
  • The new plan will require that default approval:  of any States requesting a waiver be denied within 60 days are waiver request is approved. This would allow the government to control who gets waivers and which states doesn’t.

This New Trumpcare plan is worse than the first plan, and they are both worst then Obamacare.  The truth be told the reason they want Obamacare gone is because they want to use that money for something else.  Basically the republicans never wanted any kind of health care, that why they are not ready after 7 years.  So they just throw so mess together just to make you think they care.  But what they are really doing is making the insurance company richer, cutting back the insurance companies obligation and screwing you in the process.  If the plan was so good they would be a part of it.

There is nothing in the plan to make the insurance companies compete in state or across state lines.  There is nothing in the plan that make sure the insurance companies pay up so you will be on the hook when they don’t.  There is nothing in there to guarantee that everyone gets coverage if they turn you down for poor health other then a jacked up price.


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