Trump Screws his voters Again

Healthcare Denied

First off let’s talk about Obamacare, on day one it was supposed to be repealed and replaced or at least repealed, well no such thing happened.  The Republicans which had 7 years to come up with a plan had no plan.  So you know they were not planning on winning the white house.

So big promise no plan trump, wants to for fill his promise to repeal the America Care Act because it cost too much and its going to explode, well we all know that that’s just another lie.  Let me tell you what it was going to do.  If all the insurance companies left the plan it was going to create a one payer healthcare system like they have everywhere else in the world.  

We were going to have socialized healthcare something you would never have to worry about again. It would have been the government’s problem; we would have had what they have free healthcare funded by our tax dollars. And if you have a problem with socialism, then you need to get off of the social network. Stop letting these stupid elites scare you they are on social welfare, they get paid from your tax dollars.

Social healthcare would have meant ,bye to all these health insurance companies that are taking your money, the cost would have been priced into your taxes, you know the taxes that trump has fail to make public.  Well anyway if it went the other way ad was successful or even close to being successful, new insurance companies would have been created to take the ones that op-out place. Then all they would have had to do is let the insurance companies compete across state lines.

Anyway the insurance company is nothing more than a middle man, get rid of the middle man and the cost goes down.  So in all reality they are play with their industry, because once people really realize that they are not needed, or once some programmer program them out the picture they are gone.

But you know they promised to repeal Obamacare and that’s what they feel they have to do.  Now what they have found out that to replace it is not that easy that is why they avoided it for the last couple of centuries.  The Republicans don’t care about your health care all they care about is money and taking yours.  Now if I’m wrong look it up for yourself and prove it to me.

But in spite of that time they had, they put together a plan that allows the insurance companies to over charge elders, then they take healthcare away from the poor because quote unquote the poor doesn’t need healthcare, and next they enrichen’s the Insurance companies with a 30% no insurance fee, and next they give the 400 riches family a tax break.  Not once did they do the one thing that would make insurance work.  Making the insurance companies compete across state lines. TrumpCare is not great, everyone will not be insured, as a matter of fact is sucks worst then Obamacare.

The big problem is there is no such thing as Obamacare, actually it’s the American Care Act.

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