Trump Care Worse Then Obama Care


CC BY-SA by Gage Skidmore

Say it ain’t so

Surprise, surprise, surprise Trumps better healthcare plan is not any better then Obamacare it is actually worse.  Well as I woke up this morning to the news that Trump-care was ready for prime time I was a little disappointed when I found out that all they have really done is promised health care credits and the unfunding of Planned Parenthood.

After all the hoopla about  a bigger, and better health care plan where everyone would be covered, where insurance companies would have to compete, and where pre-existing health problem would be covered I was really kind of disappointed, I hope that was the first draft because they have really failed the American people.  Maybe Trump needs to work on cleaning the swamp because whoever came up with the new plan does not represent him very well.

I would say give us the same health care that they have but they don’t want to think about that, or then I say get the health care you give us.   You see it’s easy to mess someone over when it does not affect you, if trump was the President that he says he is, then maybe he would also include the swamp in the new Trump care plan.

I have a suggestion for the cost of medication, well you know some of the great scientist that you have all over the country, Have the working on cures for the people, rather that drugs that just treat the symptom and allow the medical industry to steal every ones wealth.  If we can send a rocket to space and submarine under the sea and more then sure we have the technology to cure any disease.

If you want to cut healthcare make the problem the solution.  If the prescription drugs are the problem they coming up with a cure and getting rid of the drugs are a solution.  If bad food is causing all the sickness just maybe we need to change the way we grow our food by poisoning everything.  If the water is the problem then maybe we alt to shoot for 100 percent clean instead of 70 percent.  If fake sugar is the problem them maybe we should just go back to the real sugar.

We need to learn how to fix what is broke and put all this bipartisan stuff behind us, and if American is not great and needs to be great again just maybe we should look at the people who made it not so great and that may take you looking into the mirror, because you can’t blame anyone but yourself, you killed greatness trying to keep the status quo.  In life the one thing you can expect is change, get over yourself you shit stinks just like everyone else’s

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