Public service announcement

It all in the new, drivers flying past school buses when they are stopped and their lights are flashing red. First off it’s the law and second you don’t want to be caught at the wrong end of the law. You see our children have a lot on their mind and the last thing they need is to be ran over because you are too impatient to wait a few minutes.

Work is not going anywhere it will be their when you get there. Protect our children and slow down when you’re around the school buses and stop when they signal you to do so. The Sign that says stop means stop like it has always meant, and the flashing red lights mean that there is some urgency. If you’re not familiar with this, if not then maybe you need to go get you driving instruction book and re-introduce yourself to driving 101.

Now I know that the rules may change a little state to state, some states may be stricter than others, but at the end of the day it all remains the same you must stop when the bus stops and put out it’s sign with the flashing red lights. Now the local officials have noted this is a problem and they have started increasing fines, and in some cases they may snatch your license and require you to attended drivers training. The Question you have to ask is if it is worth it? I can tell you that it is not all it will do is create other hardships for you.

They are equipping the buses with more cameras and they are passing laws to allow you to be ticketed through the mail. The Fines are being raised to a minimum of $50 and some starting at $250 so they plan to get this problem under control so do yourself a favor and pay attention to the school buses as they stop to pick-up and unload our children. In all reality this was something that you should not have to be reminded of, because we are bigger and better than that, let’s be adults and give the children and the bus drivers a break.

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