Please Don’t shoot me

Don’t shoot me; please don’t shoot me that is what a man said before being fatally shot by a police officer from the Mesa Arizona police officer. One minute he was begging for his life the next minute his life was over according to a report released Tuesday morning.

According to the video footage and a witness transcript Mr. Daniel Shaver pleaded for his life in the moments before being shot to death as Officer Philip Mitch Brailsford emptied his weapon. Mr. Daniel Shaver was another unarmed victim one of many that has been shot by a police officer in the line of duty.

Shaver who at the time was 26 years old was shot at the Mesa La Quinta Inn & Suites on the 18th of January by then officer Brailsford all documented on the officers body camera. Yet it has taken until March to for the County Attorney to charge Brailsford with one count of second degree murder.

The Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has said the officer used force that was unjustified. Records show that Mr. Shaver was intoxicated at the time and had been warned that he would be shot if he moved. That is exactly what happen he was shot with extreme neglect and lay in the hotel hallway dead.

On March 21, the Mesa Police Department terminated Brailsford service. Brailsford had 14 days to appeal the decision by Mesa Police Chief John Meza. Daniel Shaver had a wife and two kids.

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