Is Paul Ryan A Con Artist?

Rep. paul ryan

Paul Ryan the architect of Trump Care is once again using smoke and mirrors to pull the wool over unsuspecting Trump voters that need healthcare.  If you fall in the group of being poor they say you don’t need healthcare.  My first question is why we are paying a middleman for health insurance when all we want is healthcare.  Most Americans don’t care what you call it Trump Care, the American healthcare act, Obamacare lite, we don’t care but you said you were going to do better, then stop allRead More

Poor people don’t want healthcare they want Trumpcare LOL

Roger Marshall

Just woke up this morning and guess what I found out?   Well it turns out that the poor don’t want healthcare and they are not going to take care of themselves.  Now we know why there is such an assault on the American Care Act or as you may know it Obamacare.  Turns out that the Republicans of which you elected think you are too stupid to want good healthcare so they will give you Trumpcare another failure. Rep. Roger Marshall a republican from Kansas who is part of theRead More

YoU Have Been Replaced By A Robot

robot worker

  I was sitting thinking about all the jobs president Trump said he was going to create, and then I thought about all the jobs being lost and that will be lost.  You see we have a robot problem and they are slowly but surely creeping into being.  You see the one thing that I do is pay attention and I notices that it is moving faster than I ever thought. For instance you go to most car manufactures and the assembly line is controlled by machines doing the workRead More

Trump Care Worse Then Obama Care


Say it ain’t so Surprise, surprise, surprise Trumps better healthcare plan is not any better then Obamacare it is actually worse.  Well as I woke up this morning to the news that Trump-care was ready for prime time I was a little disappointed when I found out that all they have really done is promised health care credits and the unfunding of Planned Parenthood. After all the hoopla about  a bigger, and better health care plan where everyone would be covered, where insurance companies would have to compete, and whereRead More