Ohio Sheriff Steals Opioid Drugs

Ever wonder where your pills go when you drop them off at one of those pill disposal boxes at the police office?  Well we do, if you live in Ohio.  The Sheriff just made headlines, no not because he killed an unarmed black man, no not because he beat up a teenage girl, no not even because he sick’s his deputies on a homeless lady.   Now the Sheriff from Ohio, you know the state where they shoot black kids for playing with toy guns is accuse of stealing drugs.

I know what you’re thinking; he took drugs from a drug dealer, Right!  Well not exactly, you see he is accused of taking the Opioid’s out of the police disposal boxes. You know the pain relief drugs that the doctors have over prescribed creating and leading to the full blown heroin addiction crisis. You know the opium the stuff we are fighting in Afghanistan so that we can have a never ending supply.

You see it was not just one box it was boxes, what will the excuse be for this one, people have went to jail for less, but of course he would never put himself in jail.  Maybe President Obama will pardon him if he did.  But on the real side I hear he has been stripped of his badge and gun, but refuses to step down as a matter of fact he has add himself up for re-election.


Now the story gets bigger, you see he was turned in by a detective who was on paid leave charged with compromising the investigation into the death of a single mother who was brutally murdered.  Yes Sheriff Kyle Overmyer the Sheriff of Sandusky County in Ohio was indicted on 43 charges by the grand Jury.  The charges run from stealing county funds to tampering with evidence, and of course stealing drugs.  The kicker is that the detective who he put on paid leave is the detective that leveled the first complaint that got this ball rolling.


It turns out that Hilary is not the only elected official that operates above the law.  Well in this case the charges were brought up by at least six other police chiefs and detective Sean O’Connell, who was the first to enter a complaint.  Sheriff Overmyer along with his supporter says that the whole thing is a politically motivated attack because he had won his last election.

Overmyer said that he was just carting anyway the drugs as he was hired to do by the DEA. His lawyer says the prosecution doesn’t have much of a case.  But there is a smell in one of Ohio’s Sheriff Departments and maybe this time justice will be done.