Is your bank your Problem

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I had a long day today trying to figure out what was going on with my bank account, you see I conduct all my business through this account and things just didn’t seem to add up.   I took my records to the bank and showed that what I had seen as opposed to what they are seeing now.  They assured me that I had made a mistake and that what I see now was the way it was supposed to be.   Well after that incident I started watching my account and to no surprise to me it happen again but this time it was a little more money missing so of course I went to the bank and of course they told me that I was not seeing what I thought I was seeing.

This continue to happened and I was at the point where I was in the process of changing banks, and of course they said I was a good customer and that I would be missed, so I left the account open while I was doing the move with just twenty dollars in the account and of course it started to disappear. Of course I thought that the bank had been hacked and someone was stealing from the accounts and they assured me that was not the case.  They told me about their top of the line fire walls, and their three level authentications and how all the right checks and balances were in place, and how impossible it would be for someone to get in.

A few days later I looked at my account expecting the rest of the twenty dollars to be gone, to my surprise the account had about the amount of money I thought I had loss, so you know me I am curious so I go to the bank to see why all of a sudden my account had more money then I left in the account, and the bank manager told me that after I had left it hit him that maybe something was going on internal since they had placed all their concentration on the external.

So they started watching their employees a little closer and it just so happen that one was caught taking money out of other people’s account of which mine was one of them. Turns out that you can set the free payment feature of the account to send out payments in check form but the money is not removed from the account until the check is cashed.  Well the checks where cashed in a very active business account and the payment automatically paid out to another account at another bank.

They would have never caught it if I didn’t complain so the moral of the story is if something doesn’t look right say something, because nine chances out of ten you are seeing what you see.

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