Is There a Russian in the Whitehouse?


CC BY-SA by Gage Skidmore

Is There A Russian In the Whitehouse?  That is the question that’s not being asked.   Everyone is looking at the contacts that were being made before the election, when just maybe they should look at the philosophies of the people running they show.  Maybe they should be looking at the past and find their birth certificates.

You see I don’t think Trump has wrote a thing, the executive orders the speeches they just don’t have Trumps imprint on them.  But if you listen to the speeches you will notice a taint of communism, Marxism, Leninism.   So I say you must ask who the Russian in the room is.  It is one thing to talk to them on the phone it is another thing to have them in the debts of our government.

I guess if one would look into the past of the puppet master pulling the strings they might find out that our country is in more peril then most of us think. You have to remember one line in all the ranting and that is they want to destroy the state, the United States, and that should scare the hell out of you.

Remember things will get worse before they get better; remember in every institution they have placed someone who wants to tear it down.  This team is building the military they are preparing for war; everything Trump has said is in an effort to create a war. But I ask you who the Russian in the room is?  Who is the architect of Trumps war and where is all the opposition to it.

I know you don’t agree with the news all the time but the attack on the free press is and attack on you.  If the news is not there to at least high light what is going on, this over throw of America would not be televised.  Now I want trump to be a successful President but I just don’t believe he is running stuff.

If you listen you will here, and if you watch you will see, that the primes of making America great again is to destroy the institution that have been created to protect you from people that have no real love for America or you.  Just face it you have been hoodwinked into giving up more of your freedoms; you just don’t know it yet.

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