Is Paul Ryan A Con Artist?

Rep. paul ryan

CC BY-ND by U.S. Embassy Tokyo

Paul Ryan the architect of Trump Care is once again using smoke and mirrors to pull the wool over unsuspecting Trump voters that need healthcare.  If you fall in the group of being poor they say you don’t need healthcare.  My first question is why we are paying a middleman for health insurance when all we want is healthcare.  Most Americans don’t care what you call it Trump Care, the American healthcare act, Obamacare lite, we don’t care but you said you were going to do better, then stop all the B.S. and do Better.

In all reality we just want what you have, or we want you to be a part of what you are giving us. But at the end of the day we want good healthcare that will give us what we need when we need it, we really don’t want to fight some insurance company about what they will or will not pay.  We want to be able to retire and chose food over Insurance.

You have had seven years to come up with a good plan that works, everyone and their mama have told you how to fix the problems that exist.  So you come up with the same mess, just change who has to pay for it.  I think you all should be voted out of office if that crap passes.

Maybe we are looking at healthcare all wrong, maybe we should be chasing down cures instead of trying to maintain sickness, maybe we should put the insurance and pharmaceutical companies out of business, maybe we should make hospitals and doctors more accountable for their treatment, and maybe we should be more responsible for what we eat.  Every one of us has some blame for where we are at in this healthcare game, but one thing I do know is that we will never fix it if our leaders don’t have the balls to make the best decisions in our interest.

And with people like Paul Ryan at the helm I question wither we even have the intelligence to make a good decision or a right choice.  His time has passed, he has been brought and paid for and we need some new blood in the game. But that is Just My Opinion.

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