Poor people don’t want healthcare they want Trumpcare LOL

Roger Marshall

Just woke up this morning and guess what I found out?   Well it turns out that the poor don’t want healthcare and they are not going to take care of themselves.  Now we know why there is such an assault on the American Care Act or as you may know it Obamacare.  Turns out that the Republicans of which you elected think you are too stupid to want good healthcare so they will give you Trumpcare another failure.

Rep. Roger Marshall a republican from Kansas who is part of the GOP Doctors Caucus believes that the poor will always be with us and I agree and that they will never pay for healthcare, his reasoning is they don’t need it, and they don’t want it.  He includes that the poor and the homeless morally, spiritually and socially just don’t want healthcare.

I believe they can’t afford healthcare and they know it, so they do without but Trumpcare don’t make it any better.  Now let’s see if you have a dollar and you need health insurance or you need to eat which one are you going to choose? Duh.  Sometimes you people are so smart that you’re stupid, please people help remove him from office, this one is one of your failures.

Yeah it’s easy to blame the victim the can speak for themselves, but maybe Mr. Roger could learn a thing or two from them like a little humility, but he has his healthcare of course he does, he is a doctor.  Well I say don’t worry about how I use healthcare or wither I use healthcare just make sure I have it when I need it and I will do the rest. Trumpcare is a failure and its not signed yet.  Where is Trumps Great Great Plan?

Plus if they don’t use the healthcare it will not cost you until they do. This was as stupid as the iPhone comment from Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican from Utah.  What a sad day when we have a bunch of idiots making decisions for the masses, and all they can say is, I’m a doctor not a politician, well if you were a good doctor go and doctor because you suck as a politician.

Now remember those coal miners in West Virginia some of them are poor and they need health care too.  Being poor should not be a litmus test of can I get healthcare or not.  Give us what you have in the House and Senate that would be easy, plus we pay for that anyway.  Give us what you are good with; if it’s not good enough for you then you should know it is not good enough for us.

Stop acting like babies and trying to be shyster and get it done.  That is what the American people want, if you’re going to make it better, then do it, if you are going to make it worse than just leave it alone.  The time for action is now, grow some, and get it done.  Trumpcare is a failure, when everything he does is suppose to be great, wee he needs to get rid of some of those sorry republician they never had a plan so now Trumpcare suck.

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