How to make Trump care a good plan

Hello There
Sorry I have been quit for some time, I was trying to get a fill to see if the Republicans really cared about your health care. First off the healthcare problem is really not that hard to solve, but that is if that was really the agenda.

If I was in that little back room secretly drawing up the healthcare plan or better yet the new Trump care plan the first thing I would do is write in a provision where the plan would apply to everyone in the country including the House and the Senate. You see the biggest problem is that they don’t have any skin in the game. It really doesn’t concern them so they will never give you the plan that they expect for themselves.

It’s one of those things where giving you have any common sense how do you expect a bunch of rich white people to understand your plight, it just don’t happen and it want here if you don’t raise your voice and let them know that you don’t agree with the B.S. that they are pulling. You see they have good health care or the money to buy it, so they are less concern about you because they believe that your health problems are your fault and in some ways it is and in other ways you had unknowing help.

The next thing I would do is go after the insurance companies, now just think about it. The life insurance I own, the car insurance I own it, the home insurance I owe it, this goes to show that given the right price I’m willing to pay and own my own insurance. Then problem is that with health insurance we don’t own it, our employers and our government own it. So this leads to a built in profit for the insurance companies that provide health insurance. Next they don’t have to compete with each other in various markets so they have a pseudo monopoly in every market. That would have to stop.

I’m quite sure that there is some kind of law that they had put in place to make sure they didn’t have to compete, well that need to be changed, I would allow them to compete across the country, I would even allow foreign insurance companies to compete and that will cut the cost.

I would have a pool that every insurer would have to take part it for people they no one wants to insure, if they don’t participate in the pool, they would not be able to sale any insurance in this country. Why should they get to make the money but absorb now of the burden.

Next I would stop dumping on the poor, there will always be poor among us, lest not we forget because that poor could one day be one of us. I would also require then doctors and hospitals and drug companies to post they fee’s so people would have a choice of who they want to deal with these big surprise bills will be a thing of the past because I would make them compete for business too.
But you see right now it’s all about the money, not the health and that is the biggest part of the problem.

So next I will have to go after these food companies that put stuff in the food that makes us sick, like soy, high fructose corn syrup and then a plethora of other stuff I can’t even pronounce. Our Food is enemy number one and until someone hold those criminal accountable we are head for more serious problems. You should not have to question the water, all water should be clean and pure with no sugar.

If you want a good healthcare plan? These would be a good place to start but the people in congress don’t have the balls to give you a good healthcare plan, it’s just not in their interest.