Help Save Jenny’s Life

Help Save Jenny’s Life I have this Chicken Named Jenny. Tonight she is to be part of the meal. Problem the children love Jenny So they made me a deal. If the can Get five Hundred shares and Like Jenny Get to live out her life free From the threat of being Dinner. Help the kids out.

TrumpCare II is worse Then TrumpCare I Clean the Swamp

The snakes are back at it, would you believe that the new Trumpcare plan allows the Republican’s to opt-out.  What is this and when will they learn, first they don’t want you to have any kind of healthcare if the truth be told they would rather you just go off somewhere and die.  But in America we are supposed to be bigger than that, but our elected welfare participates well they are beyond that. They have arrived and the only thing in their agenda is changing laws so that theyRead More

Trump Screws his voters Again

Healthcare Denied

First off let’s talk about Obamacare, on day one it was supposed to be repealed and replaced or at least repealed, well no such thing happened.  The Republicans which had 7 years to come up with a plan had no plan.  So you know they were not planning on winning the white house. So big promise no plan trump, wants to for fill his promise to repeal the America Care Act because it cost too much and its going to explode, well we all know that that’s just another lie. Read More

Is There a Russian in the Whitehouse?


Is There A Russian In the Whitehouse?  That is the question that’s not being asked.   Everyone is looking at the contacts that were being made before the election, when just maybe they should look at the philosophies of the people running they show.  Maybe they should be looking at the past and find their birth certificates. You see I don’t think Trump has wrote a thing, the executive orders the speeches they just don’t have Trumps imprint on them.  But if you listen to the speeches you will notice aRead More