March, 2017


YoU Have Been Replaced By A Robot

robot worker

  I was sitting thinking about all the jobs president Trump said he was going to create, and then I thought about all the jobs being lost and that will be lost.  You see we have a robot problem and they are slowly but surely creeping into being.  You see the one thing that I do is pay attention and I notices that it is moving faster than I ever thought. For instance you go to most car manufactures and the assembly line is controlled by machines doing the workRead More

Trump Care Worse Then Obama Care


Say it ain’t so Surprise, surprise, surprise Trumps better healthcare plan is not any better then Obamacare it is actually worse.  Well as I woke up this morning to the news that Trump-care was ready for prime time I was a little disappointed when I found out that all they have really done is promised health care credits and the unfunding of Planned Parenthood. After all the hoopla about  a bigger, and better health care plan where everyone would be covered, where insurance companies would have to compete, and whereRead More

Jeff Sessions Sales Out

jeff session

We saw it coming and now it here, if you want to know who’s responsible for the Trump transgender fiasco you can look no further then our new attorney general Jeff Sessions.  His second mission is to get rid of all the federal policing on the police department when it comes down to civil rights of people of color.   Basically he is saying that the police department has card Blanche to continue the abuse of Black people and he will not get in their way.  So basically if yourRead More

What the Owl Said # 31

Great Horned Owl

Well I guess I fell far from the politically correct bandwagon when it comes to this one.  When I was growing up the quickest way to get a whipping in my house was to tell a lie.   I always wondered how my parents knew I was lying but I guess that just a gift that parents have.   I could have avoided many whippings if I just told the truth.  My parents did not care what type of lie it was if you lied to them you were a liar andRead More