February, 2017


Fake News What


  Well when you look at fake news you first must understand its purpose.  The advent of fake new is in the same ream of the advent of propaganda.  So if fake news is anything it is propaganda. By design its purpose is really to mislead you into think a certain way.  Now days it is used for quote unquote to entertain its readers and designed to create a viral impact which leads to added income. So what you really have is a lie or untruth taking on the formRead More

Trump Declares war on crime


Well if you are familiar with the declared wars on crime, you would understand that trump has just signed an executive order that gives the police more power to harass you.  But even clearer he has just gave the private prison system a gift and that is to lock you up. The action is supposed to be against criminal gangs and cartels that are destroying the fabric of the American youth, and this is supposed to be accomplished by a JUSTUS department task force. Well if you have any memoryRead More

What the owl said #30

classy owl

I was talking to a few friends the other day and the conversation came down to what we wanted. I tried to explain that sometimes you are getting everything you ask for; it just doesn’t look like what you saw before you wanted it. You see I have friends in all walks of life and some are rich and some are poor, some are white and some are black, but what I noticed is that they all have wants and needs, they all have problems. You see it’s kind ofRead More