January, 2017


Online Customers Made Easy

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Mike Pence’s Motorcade Hits On Duty DC Reserve Police Officer

The man who runs it

The regular news media missed this one on Wednesday the pence Motorcade hit a DC Reserve police officer.  The reserve officer was hit and injured at about 1:45 yesterday according to the video. The Officer was taken to a local hospital and the injuries were reported as minor and the officer has been released thank God he was not killed. Their is a report that the incident was capture on video. The Secret Service is looking into the accident, they are sort of questioning as to whether the officer wasRead More

A Man And His Controversy Obama Country Club Membership

Have Fun At the Golf Course

Turns out that, a private country club in Rockville Maryland may have some qualms with President Obama becoming a member of their country club. When the President leaves office, and moves into the neighborhood where his Daughter can complete her High Schooling controversy follows. The Woodmont Country Club in Montgomery County a predominantly Jewish Country club founded, because of the discrimination they had face join country clubs in the past. Because of their history of no discrimination they figure that the Obamas would want to make their Country Club his.Read More

What The Owl Said # 29

mosaic owl

I run across stories that are sometimes truly unbelievable sometimes I have to just shake my head and sometimes even laugh it off, but at the end of the day it is what someone truly believes. Like I was talking to an associate the other and he believe that men came from Apes.  Now that has been sort of taught forever but no one can seem to answer this one question.  If men came from apes why didn’t all the other apes turn into men?  What are they waiting for,Read More