November, 2016


Could It Really Be That Simple? Yes!

I was spending the day with one of my friends, it was my day off, and he’s always off.  He told me he works from home and he normally put in a couple of hours a day.  So I was curious and ask what did he do, and I was surprise to learn is that he make small investment is to these small programs and then get people to join.  Sometimes he will even pay their way in, and get people to join for them. Now you know I didn’tRead More

Police Attacks Americans Over Oil

  Oil Police Exert Force Over Oil Pipeline.   News Reporters are nowhere to be found at Pipeline Battle,   News Reporters Missing in Action During Oil Pipeline Massacre     Just in case you missed it while you were in your sorrows over trump winning the election hundreds of Americans were being arrested by force for standing up against the Dakota pipeline.  They were basically attacked while just standing in the path of where the pipeline company is running the new oil pipeline.  How could this happen in America,Read More

Pamela Ramsey Taylor benched for calling the First lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels”

When this is your best, sometimes you just need to shut up.  That’s right Pamela Ramsey Taylor was just benched for calling the First lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels”  Oh how original,  and of  all the things she says she is not a racist!  Of course not, a racist would not make such a comment only an everyday ordinary person that has no color filter what’s so ever. Of Course it was wrong, and it’s a great day when attention is called to what is really on yourRead More

Special Report # 3

Breaking News Wanting to look his best before the week before final election The Donald was last seen heading into beauty salon. News at Nine He stopped in to get out the final grope! I mean to vote