September, 2016


U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger Insults Black America

U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger is at it again. He had the opportunity to say something positive and once again he chooses the oak a dope route. Instead he had to apologize for opening his big mouth once again in a comment about the violence in Charlotte stems from protesters who “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.” Well the last time I looked the violence was because another black man died because a police shot another civilian under suspicious circumstances.  The man was not even theRead More

Black Man Fatally Shot, Seeking Help For Car Problems, When will it stop?

This is the kind of story that I’m just tired of hearing, Two paths crossed the other day and what could have been so good, turned one person into a killer and one person dead.  Turns out another unarmed black man was shot while he was seeking help from the police because his car had stopped.  So now black people can’t have car trouble either? At least not in Oklahoma. A 40 year Big Black scary man was shot as he lay on the ground after being tased by membersRead More

Is Hollywood Sick?

Image: WENN Print Is there a child sex ring in operation in Hollywood, and who is leading it? For ages Hollywood has been sick and because they produce such good entertainment and create such wealth we the people have allowed them to get away with it.  Hillary’s issues are child’s play when compared to Hollywood.  Do you really think that the Bill Cosby story is the only bad that that has been allowed to happen in Hollywood.  Well if you sharpen your ears and listen you would hear the criesRead More

Is Scottrade The New Gatekeeper

  I just got off the phone with my broker on Scottrade, or course I was flaming because I believe in the American way, open markets free trade, capitalism; you know the stuff they spout out when they want to take advantage of you.  Well I just found out that a lot of the penny stocks that I trade, I can no longer trade them through Scottrade.  Not The problem I have is that when I’m trying to make a trade of stocks that I already have in my portfolioRead More