August, 2016


Do You Call The Shots?

It’s Your Time Will You Take advantage of it? Are You The one that will watch opportunities past you by? Are you that one that will take a chance? If You can make a decision Click Here. If you need help to make your decisions Click Here.  

The Rains Will Come So Will The Floods

But Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Help Others,  The Rain is not their Fault! Well it not every morning that you wake up to word that another one of your states is under water.   For the last few day the rain has set on top of Louisiana as Torrential rains took advantage of just another opportunity to tear down another community. Parish after Parish water is inundated with rivers that are over flooding taking another toll on the people that make this country so great.  But like anything that isRead More

where does your vote count

So have you finally come to grips that you are in a game and you didn’t write the rules?  Well that is what you are seeing today, you are watching a game between two people who get to write the rules.  Now as you know I will never tell anyone who they should vote for, I’m not even telling you to put some skin in that game.  But what I will tell you is that we have a case or battle among the elitist and globalist as to who theyRead More