July, 2016


The Dallas Police Shooting Aftermath

The Aftermath Well first I would like everyone to pray for the city of Dallas Texas.  By now everybody has heard about the shooting that went on after the “Peaceful Protest” over the killings that took place in Louisiana and Minnesota.  The Victims are Alton Sterling who was trying to make some money selling CD’s and Philando Castile  who was following police orders when he was shoot reaching for his license.  Now we know that stuff happens but when things happen at a constant pace there is an issue thatRead More

Ludlow Massacre Hidden History

The United States has a history of Massacres. The Ludlow Massacre is one of them where the Miners of A Colorado mine were attacked by the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel & Iron Company. Ludlow Massacre Over 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado, on April 20, 1914. Where attacked for refusing to move and refusing to to work.  Hiding and forgetting such massacres allow them to be repeated. Upon striking, the miners and their families had been evicted from their company-owned houses and had setRead More