June, 2016


The Day After The Day After The Orlando shooting

What have we learned the day after the Orlando shooting?  Was this a terrorist attack or was it a hate crime, or was it both?  Well the only ones who really know what this is all about is God and the man that did it, ant the man that did it is dead.  When I look at this I see a tragic waste, I see people dying for no reason at all.  I see a deranged man with a vendetta that made him decide to be judge and jury.  ButRead More

What the Owl Say #25

Owl in flight

  In life you will notice that there are warning signs everywhere, these signs are not up just for the fun of it, most of the time they are there to prevent you from stumbling into a danger that you may not be able to get yourself out of.  The reason these signs are up is because someone before you made the mistake and got hurt or lost their life.  The sign is one of the cheapest ways to warn you so that you don’t lose yours. You may beRead More

Congress Poor Work Ethics

While you are sitting there enjoying the weather I bet you haven’t realized that congress has not done its job.  Now if you have deadlines and you consistently miss them guess what you would be fired.  So my question to you is what makes your congress man immune from being fired?  The only one protecting his job is you and since he is not doing the job that you sent him there to do, you really need to think about replacing him. Problem number one they take you for grantedRead More