May, 2016


Are You The Problem?

A Simple Thought!

Free Unlimited international Phone Calls

There are many ways to make international phone call but how would you like to make those calls even if you don’t have Wi-Fi connection or mobile data available. Yes you can use apps like Skype, WhatsApp or even Viber and they all give you the basic ability to make calls and to send messages at a reduced cost and maybe even free.  You can even see if your cell phone provider offer international plans at a reduced rate but we already know that it can get quite expensive withRead More

Trump will be the next President

Everybody have problems with my thought that Donald Trump will be the President.  I don’t know why I believe he will be President but somehow I know he will.  I guess that I look at the hold picture and I realize that everyone in the white house, congress and senate are all on the same team.  What that means to me is they are carrying out their own agenda and it steps on the rights of the majority over the rights of the minority. Now am I talking about Race,Read More