April, 2016


Why Is Asking For GMO labeling Such A Big Problem

You must ask yourself a question, in a country that is so quick to label and protect stuff why are they complaining about labeling foods that contain GMO products in them?  That should be a very easy question to answer but they will not.  Why? Because they know that if the crap was labeled that a bunch of people would not eat that stuff and they will have to go back to the drawing board. The agencies that are put in place to help us seem to be the onesRead More

Coming To A River Near You

  You have been warned, once again we will discuss fracking which is a process of drilling into the earth and then blasting the rocks with a high-pressure mixture of water and other ingredients to release the gas trapped inside.  Now am I saying this is not an effective way to gain access to that natural gas that was once considered out of reach?  Am I saying that the process that has led to the U.S. becoming one of the top producers is flawed? These are question we have to askRead More

Prince Roger Nelson Dead at 57

  Prince has died according to sources close to TMZ the 57 year old was found dead at his home.  Today the 21st of April we lost a great one Mr. Roger Nelson better known as Prince has passed.  He will be missed he was a major music Icon in from the late 70’s  to this present day, most thought that he was way ahead of his times.  Police were investigating a fatality at the Paisley Park his home and studio in Minnesota. Prince was responsible for such hits likeRead More

Mississippi has a prison problem

  Well as you all know that in order to run a prison you need inmates, the formula basically goes like this, no inmates, no money, no jobs.  Well Mississippi has a inmate problem that according to county officials across Mississippi, and this problem is creating deficits that is going to lead to job losses. The problem is that the local jails are being deprived of state inmates and this is caused by the greed of the state government and the private prisons.  You see with the roar of theRead More