March, 2016


Did the GOP just try to attack Trump

The GOP has a problem; they lie so much now they find themselves lying to themselves. At the beginning of this year’s Presidential race they ask all candidates to sign vow that they would not run as a third party candidate if they were to lose the GOP node. I believe Trumps answer was that he would sign it if they treated him fare. Of course this was all before Trumps staller performance that included Super Tuesday. You see they thought he would lose and just have to go away.Read More

Supreme Court Justice Thomas Speaks

For the first time in ten years Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas broke his silence. Monday in the courtroom Justice Clarence come to life with a volley of questions with Justice Department lawyer Ilana Eisenstein during a Supreme Court oral argument. Justice Thomas has not been heard in a courtroom argument is the last 10 years so this came as a shock which provoked gasps from the audience. Justice Thomas ask about ten questions as to how a misdemeanor violation suspends a constitutional right? This was a case were theRead More