March, 2016


Please Don’t shoot me

Don’t shoot me; please don’t shoot me that is what a man said before being fatally shot by a police officer from the Mesa Arizona police officer. One minute he was begging for his life the next minute his life was over according to a report released Tuesday morning. According to the video footage and a witness transcript Mr. Daniel Shaver pleaded for his life in the moments before being shot to death as Officer Philip Mitch Brailsford emptied his weapon. Mr. Daniel Shaver was another unarmed victim one ofRead More

Is your bank your Problem

I had a long day today trying to figure out what was going on with my bank account, you see I conduct all my business through this account and things just didn’t seem to add up.   I took my records to the bank and showed that what I had seen as opposed to what they are seeing now.  They assured me that I had made a mistake and that what I see now was the way it was supposed to be.   Well after that incident I started watching my accountRead More

Man in Manila gets $30 mln cash from cyber heist; Bangladesh gov quits

Here is a story that hit Reuters that I thought you would find quite interesting. This is what the future looks like someone stilling your money electronically.  It also shows how easy someone else can take control of your non paper money, Your late on a bill they take it, you raise a fit and they just make your financial trail vanish into thin air. Man in Manila gets $30 mln cash from cyber heist; Bangladesh gov quits Reuters 3 hours ago By Serajul Quadir and Karen Lema DHAKA/MANILARead More

Public service announcement

It all in the new, drivers flying past school buses when they are stopped and their lights are flashing red. First off it’s the law and second you don’t want to be caught at the wrong end of the law. You see our children have a lot on their mind and the last thing they need is to be ran over because you are too impatient to wait a few minutes. Work is not going anywhere it will be their when you get there. Protect our children and slow downRead More