February, 2016


Conservatives Say Surpreme Court nominee must be stopped at all costs

Getty By Alexander Bolton – 02/22/16 06:00 AM EST Have you ever woke up expecting to see a world without so much hate and prejudice, then you look at the newspaper and find a heading “Supreme Court nominee must be stopped at all costs” what does that mean, I thought that you were the party of the Constitution but soon as it doesn’t work in your favorite, you turn out to be worse than the man you seem to despise. Either you’re for the Constitution or you’re not, I guessRead More

What the owl said #23

I woke up a couple of days ago with a pain in my right foot that barely enables me to walk, and I was whining because I don’t like pain, plus I’m not all about the pain medication either. So I fumble through the week with my limp, my co-workers have all kinds of funny little names for me, I’m quite sure you have been there before; limpy, Frankenstein you know how it goes. I laughed about it because I didn’t have to go to work, I choose to goRead More

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