November, 2015


White Terrorist shoots five Black Lives Matter protesters.

Five Black Lives Matter protesters have been shot and are hospitalized after a group for white terrorist opened gunfire near a Black Lives Matter camp. Last night about 10:30 p.m. at least two arm white supremacists showed up to the protest as they usually have done. This time one of the white supremacists counter demonstrators was wearing a mask, when about a dozen of the protestors attempted to guide the counter demonstrators away from the area the terrorist opened fire hitting at least five people. The five protesters were shotRead More

FDA Approves New GMO Franken Salmon

A new Franken fish is born and if you eat salmon you will have no choice but to eat it. The Food and Drug Administration approved the genetically engineered salmon as the new food fit for your consumption. This will be the first genetically modified and the second Franken fish to come to a supermarket near you. Aqua Bounty Technologies approached the F.D.A. about five years ago for a determination as to if this fish is safe to eat and what will be its effect on the environment when suchRead More

What the Owl Said #17

Sometimes you just need to shut up and listen, that’s the only time real learning takes place. When you are running you mouth you are only spouting out what you had already learned, when your mouth is close you take in all the new things in your surroundings. Shut up and hear that’s what the owl said.   Christmas Get Your AVON

Missing D.C. Girl Found Alive After School Hiking Trip

A 16-year-old girl Washington, D.C. girl has been found alive after she was missing for six days in the Tennessee mountains during a school field trip. Some how Ava Zechiel was separate from the group as they hiked on a path in the mountains of Tennessee with her school. According to Mike Reece the Jefferson County Sheriff, Ava Zechiel was found just After noon Tuesday. She had been hiking in Cherokee National Forest in the northeast part of Tennessee when she some how became separated from other students from theRead More