October, 2015


Government Given Promission To Spy On Us As the Cybersecurity Bill Passes

While you’re not watching the Government is sneaking in the back door to obtain your private online information. The new Cybersecurity Information Act is nothing more than the patriot act in different cloths. The house and Senate both have passed a bill which they say it’s aim at improving cybersecurity by allow companies like IBM to share your information with the government in an attempt to ward of cyber-attacks. The big problem is way do they need our information and why do they need to give such companies immunity ifRead More

What the owl said #15

Just because you don’t agree with it, that does not change the fact that the truth is the truth. We all know that 1 + 1=2 now you can call it 3, 4, 5 or whatever you want but at the end of the day the answer is still two. Now In life you will run into people that will see things different and that’s okay as long as you don’t allow them to sway you from the truth. Because that is what people do they try to accuse youRead More

What the owl said # 14

There is a saying don’t be a nickel out here looking for a dime. What does it mean? It basically mean that you are and you get what the environment you hang out in has available. For instance, if you were to hang out at the club all the time you would probably end up dating a person from the club because that’s what’s on that level. Well if you want a queen you will probably not fine her at the common club. If you want someone of that statureRead More

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