August, 2015


What the Owl said #5


Financial freedom comes when you learn to control your daily wants, you see just because you want it does not mean that you need it. If you learn how to control what you want that will be an expense that you no longer have to deal with. Like you need a car, you want a Mercedes-Benz. Both vehicle will get you to your destination the Benz will just cost more doing so. So then your stuck paying a hire cost and that my friend is what zaps your prosperity. That’sRead More

What The Owl Said #4

If you want things to change, the first thing you must change is you. If you always stay the same way you are you will always get the same things you have gotten. Remember change always starts with you, once you change its contagious and everyone will be up for change. That’s what the Owl said!

Texas Deputy Sheriff shot execution style

  HOUSTON, Texas — A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot at a gas station. The officer was in the process of filling up his patrol car when he was shoot in the back of his head. The shooter appears to be a black male. The shooting took place in Northwest Harris County just outside of Houston. Witnesses said the man that shot the Deputy and sped away in a pickup truck that was red. Deputies from the Sheriff’s office confirm that they are on the lookout for aRead More

What the owl said #3

Never stop learning, the power of the mind and it’s ability to store, recall, and apply information in all aspects of life give a teachable person an advantage. When they understand what they have, and use it they have the ability to have unstoppable potential.